Program overview

May 13 Reception in the evening

May 14 Conference in the morning and the afternoon. Banquet is in the evening. The poster presentation is in the afternoon.

May 15 Conference in the morning. Social tour in the afternoon. Farewell party is in the evening.

May 16 Farewell ceremony in the morning

We will fix the detail program until April 1st.

Plenary lecture

Associate professor, Gen Inoue, Kyushu University gives the plenary lecture about the advanced topics of battery and related coating technology.

Social tour on May 15th

Cruising in the Tsukumo Bay

Tsukumo Bay is a ria coast with large and small coves and is one of Japan's top 100 scenic spots. It is a small bay 1 km east-west and 1.5 km north-south, but its coastline is 13km, there are many refractions, and there are 99 bays, so the name is "Tsukumo bay"="99 Bay".In the center of the bay is Horai Island, which is covered with dense Sudajii, full of pine and laurel trees, and is named as if you look at Horai's drawings.

Around the platform, there is a scenic walkway where you can stroll along the coast and come in contact with various marine life such as crabs and shrimps.It has been designated as a Noto Peninsula Quasi-National Park and a Marine Park to protect the natural scenery, and is known as one of the representative sightseeing spots in Uchiura.

Hand craft and the Algae salt experience corner

From the Yayoi era to the 1955s, salt was made on the coast of Noto Ichien. Around the center, pottery with a thin, pointed tip, called Noto-style salt pottery, was used. Since pieces of earthenware have been excavated in Kujuku Bay, too, it is known that salt was made, and it has been designated as a buried cultural property. At the algae salt experience corner, we are preparing so that you can experience salt making using a clay pot indoors.

Tsukumo bay near the venue

Hand-craft workshop after the cruising